Thursday, July 30, 2009


Alrighty then....I guess I have talked enough politics for now. I'll get back to what I love to do. Gardening.........This year we started a garden in a new location. We have definitely picked some produce off of what was planted. Now, the summer heat has taken a toll on the veggies. I think we actually had a drought going on. I was feeling wilty from the heat, so I can imagine how the plants felt. LOL ! I have already gotten some new strategies on what to plant , where to plant it and I am making plans for the fall gardens. I've been visiting the feed stores to see what is coming in stock for the fall season. I am definitely ready for cooler weather to come so that I can get to some serious gardening.
I was talking with a neighbor, whom is a great survivalist, we are having a problem with rodents eating our tomatoes and cantaloupes. I was thinking maybe we could use a diluted pepper sauce and spray it on the plants and maybe a little cayenne pepper. If anybody has an idea it would be much appreciated. The problem is that we have the garden fenced off, so the dogs can't deter the little pesky rodents to not come in our garden. The other downside is that I have one puppy who is still going through her tearing up stage. My little puppy Jazzy is great at catching alot of critters. But she is also great at tearing up some stuff too. Well, I need to go pull up some half dead veggie plants....Until next time...Lez Bon Temps Roule Preppers !

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  1. I have heard a couple of ways to deter them. I've only tried one. That would be cayenne pepper. Wards off coons for sure and wont hurt the plants! I've also heard that a vinegar and water mix sprayed around the edges of the garden will work...I dont know about this one!